Hi, I’m Dori.

I help leaders become ELITE leaders™. 

What's an ELITE Leader?

An ELITE Leader...

Embraces their natural gifts and talents for maximum impact as a leader.

Leads to leave a Legacy, not just create short-term results.

Inspires others to new levels of personal growth & excellence with Integrity.

Trusts themselves to lead with courage and confidence.

Is Empowered with the skills, tools, and knowledge to lead with absolute conviction.


years of experience 



students + clients

My passion is helping you step into your full potential as a leader. 

I've spent a lifetime developing the coaching skills, knowledge and experience required to turn high-performing leaders into ELITE leaders. 

Certified Maxwell Leadership Trainer

I specialize in sharing leading-edge tools and techniques with my clients to help them be the best they can possibly be. 

40+ Years In The Trenches Coaching Other To Success

I provide a deep intuitive knowing of what my clients need to break through to the next level.