How Do I Know About Confidence?


How do I know about confidence? 

I have observed and have been building confidence in people for 45 years. It is part of leaving my legacy.

I plan to keep that fire alive forever.

Since 1977, I have been teaching the art of dance and performing arts to children and adults. After teaching for so long, I realized how much I had learned about leadership and confidence. I witnessed students I had for 15 years and more soaring in life.

However, for those who never allowed themselves to capture that confidence gift, I observed them struggling in their adult life. I became committed to helping build confident, independent people in any endeavor. I continued to learn new tools to help children and adults build their confidence and leadership skills. 

Most teachers will work with a student for a year or up to four years. I was with students for ten to fifteen years and now for over four decades. I have thousands of students I have watched grow through the years. This proud mama bear cherishes each student and loves to see generations of leaders grow.

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