Confidence Starts Today


Growing up, I was so scared of what other people thought of me because I didn’t fit in. I constantly worried about what I said or did and how people would judge me. A continuous cycle of self-doubt held me back from achieving my goals.

It wasn't until I realized that I was getting looked over one too many times that I took control of myself and my thinking. I was the only one who had control of my own life, and my confidence was something I had to gain for myself, and I began to make real prog…

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The Secrets to Become Confident and Courageous

Secrets to Confident and Courageous

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ecome Your Spectacular Self with Confidence for teens, young adults, and kids age 8-22

A gift for teens. With this book, you will invest in your personal development, physical and mental health, and confident leadership. Finding the courage and confidence to be the person you want to be can be tough as a teen. But “The Secrets to Become Confident and Courageous: How to Avoid the Top 7 Mistakes Teens Make” by Dorlisa LaMarra will show you how to become your …

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Today It's YOU book

Ebook Today Its You cover

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Today, It's YOU! Here are tools to transform your life and reach your highest potential.
If you are ready for personal development, you have it here. Through stories, tips, and techniques, author Dorlisa LaMarra shows you how to blaze your trail and take charge of your life.
Whether it is mommy burnout, work stress, or being stuck in a rut, take being frustrated, mad, and angry and turn it into rise and shine.

  • Learn the art of letting go, mindset and grow…

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Lessons From Toddlers


I have had the extreme honor of having students from age two through adulthood. I would get toddlers for their first separation from the family. They came into the dance studio fearful, having a tantrum, and fighting their fear, and with trust, the parents would allow the magic to happen.

My team and I showed patience, strength, and our own self-esteem to help the child in their growth journey. 

When students came in for their first visit, it took about five weeks to gain trust for their perso…

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How Do I Know About Confidence?


How do I know about confidence? 

I have observed and have been building confidence in people for 45 years. It is part of leaving my legacy.

I plan to keep that fire alive forever.

Since 1977, I have been teaching the art of dance and performing arts to children and adults. After teaching for so long, I realized how much I had learned about leadership and confidence. I witnessed students I had for 15 years and more soaring in life.

However, for those who never allowed themselves to capture th…

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