Lessons From Toddlers


I have had the extreme honor of having students from age two through adulthood. I would get toddlers for their first separation from the family. They came into the dance studio fearful, having a tantrum, and fighting their fear, and with trust, the parents would allow the magic to happen.

My team and I showed patience, strength, and our own self-esteem to help the child in their growth journey. 

When students came in for their first visit, it took about five weeks to gain trust for their perso…

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How Do I Know About Confidence?


How do I know about confidence? 

I have observed and have been building confidence in people for 45 years. It is part of leaving my legacy.

I plan to keep that fire alive forever.

Since 1977, I have been teaching the art of dance and performing arts to children and adults. After teaching for so long, I realized how much I had learned about leadership and confidence. I witnessed students I had for 15 years and more soaring in life.

However, for those who never allowed themselves to capture th…

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