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Today, It's YOU! Here are tools to transform your life and reach your highest potential.
If you are ready for personal development, you have it here. Through stories, tips, and techniques, author Dorlisa LaMarra shows you how to blaze your trail and take charge of your life.
Whether it is mommy burnout, work stress, or being stuck in a rut, take being frustrated, mad, and angry and turn it into rise and shine.

  • Learn the art of letting go, mindset and growth, and personal development.
  • Learn how to break through the rut, create an action plan for a better life, and build self-confidence
  • Consistency with self-help is here, and you can learn how to free yourself from being frustrated with your life.

This guide helps you fuel your fire and make small changes that add to big results. With Dorlisa's guidance and inspiring stories, you can make today, and every day, yours.

  • Letting go of the guilt of taking care of yourself.
  • Personal development guide to help make small changes that add up to big results.
  • Develop a strong mindset and growth.
  • Get out of the rut.
  • Clear the path from being frustrated with your life.
  • Rise and shine!